Whispers From My Heart

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Try Living

Thank you inner voice, for coming back to me. 
I long for the clarity, you give me.
In the cozy little room of a womb, you talk to me,
Sheltered away from a place, where I don't want to be.
Inside, with you, is where I can be me, 
without any kind of hesitancy...

How is it that I find you in me? 
The question is as unanswerable as it seems. 
Maybe It's when I get enough sleep,
And we meet over sips of elixir.
It's when I find you and some relief, 
As you and only you listen to me.

 So after I drag myself down the line
through the nights, days and more nights..
It's you I want to meet,
Through the escape of my sleep,
it somehow gets tiring...
As I,
 merely try living...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Miss You a Little

I miss you a little..

In this night so cold,

Where I can't find my warmth...

So I miss you a little...

The world exists in pairs,

And I feel singled out...

But I have you in my mind,

And I miss you a little...

Maybe just a touch from you,

Can heal me tonight...

But you're far away,

Hidden in this moonlit night..

I want to be,

Where you are right now...

But my love feels powerless,

And I miss you a little...

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Road

The road stretching ahead,
It's with me all the time.
When everybody leaves,
Its perennial presence it reminds.

Forever we have to walk together ,
We have always been walking together.
I tend to feel lost at places,
With the road consoling my doubts,
And only the road accompanying my sight.

For the stars disappear with every dawn,
The sun and the moon leave soon.
Seasons stay for seasons,
And the friends leave too.

The road is different,
It remains faithful.
It always stays,
Silently walking with you.

There will always be days,
To bid farewell to passing phases,
And the road will always be there,
Ready to take you places.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old man

I’m already an old man at heart,
For my own pace is not worldly…
And I hide my grey hair,
Behind a tarnished personality..

While kids of this world,
Both young and pretty old…
Follow their own definition,
Of a new found love…
Obsessed and charmed with,
Humor I’ll never know…
And a new fashioned love,
that soon grows old….

My back does not slouch,
But my attitude does….
As I look in disinterest,
While these kids have fun…

My own world is,
Black and white…
Where a lover sings songs,
In a moonlit night…
Where the laughs are mindless,
And the jokes are stupid,
Where nobody really hides,
An impression-oriented motive…
Where the clouds may move on,
But the skies of love remain..

I try to belong,
Try to hide,
In this world outside…
But in the silent nights,
The tired old man in me,
Breathes out a sigh….

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

कोई ढूंढे भला ...

ये बात है उस ज़माने की ,

जब हर सुबह चेहरे पे एक मुस्कुराहट सज जाती थी.

और बाहे फेलाए,

एक ज़िन्दगी हमारा इंतज़ार करती थी.

कहती थी , “चल चले मुसाफिर , इस हसीन सफ़र पर ”

हम भी खिलखिला उठते थे ,

चल पड़ते थे ,

हर नए दिन को जीने ,

जीवन रस को पीने .

रंग इतने रंगीन लगते थे ,

नज़ारे इतने हसीन .

बिन कुछ कहे हस पड़ते थे ,

आँखों में एक चमक रहती थी

अब हर सुबह उठते है ,

तैयार तो होते है सर से पाँव तक ,

बस इस चेहरे ने पहनी नहीं होती ,

उस गुज़रे ज़माने की मुस्कराहट

जीवन रस का घड़ा ,

शायद हो गया खाली.

अब तोह इन् कडवे जाम के प्यालो मे,

ढुंते है जिंदगानी

क्या हुआ उस ज़माने का ,

किसे पता ?

उस हसीन ज़िन्दगी को ,

कोई ढूंढे भला ...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to Life

A cloudy day was here,

It’s the weather of nostalgia, they say.

It reversed time and took you back,

To those feelings, to her and to those days.

The memories were back with the wind chime ringing,

Bringing back those hidden smiles.

The drizzle brought in some more memories,

Resurrecting those feelings back to life.

It was time to go out,

And live this revived life.

An old window had opened up,

Filling the darkness inside.

The umbrella was forgotten,

Those memories kept me safe today.

And with my eyes closed,

I could somehow see her face.

Out in the bliss I finally was,

Looking up with eyes shut.

I splashed some water with a kick,

And started running as fast as I could.

At that deserted sidewalk,

There was she.

Long hair hiding the familiar face,

I could still see.

I ran to her,

Wiping my eyes.

Soon she was,

Right by my side.

She smiled at me,

Just like she used to.

A smile I’d lost,

Somewhere back in time.

Was the smile a light?

Or just a reflection ?

Of a love which had survived,

Through the times ?

It was just me,

And a stubborn little heart of mine.

We had brought her memory,

Back to life.

Moments later,

She was walking away.

With the raindrops washing tears,

Off my eyes.

So I was there,

All alone again.

And a part of me,

Had died again.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

कुछ लिखना चाहा

आज फिर कलम
कुछ लिखना चाहा
पर दिल की आवाज़ को
शांत मैंने पाया

एक दिल की पुकार को
अनसुना कर देती है दुनिया
और हिम्मत हार कर
ये चुप हो जाता है हर बार
अज्नाबीयो की बसती मैं
तनहा रह जाता है हर बार
तब इस अंदरूनी सरनाटऐ मैं
छुप जाता है इंतज़ार

एक खोये हुए चेहरे की तरह
कुछ खोयी हुई उमीदो की तरह
ये दिल भी अपना अस्तित्व खो देता है
और अचानक इसे एहसास होता है
की ये कितना अकेला है ...

आज फिर कलम उठाया
कुछ लिखना चाहा
पर दिल की आवाज़ को
शांत मैंने पाया