Whispers From My Heart

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Try Living

Thank you inner voice, for coming back to me. 
I long for the clarity, you give me.
In the cozy little room of a womb, you talk to me,
Sheltered away from a place, where I don't want to be.
Inside, with you, is where I can be me, 
without any kind of hesitancy...

How is it that I find you in me? 
The question is as unanswerable as it seems. 
Maybe It's when I get enough sleep,
And we meet over sips of elixir.
It's when I find you and some relief, 
As you and only you listen to me.

 So after I drag myself down the line
through the nights, days and more nights..
It's you I want to meet,
Through the escape of my sleep,
it somehow gets tiring...
As I,
 merely try living...


shahid ansari said...

You are awesome ..dude..:)

_desigirl said...

Deep! I delve into my self to have a tryst with my inner voice and it is indeed one hell of an experience. U nailed it!